Dig A Little E7 LIVE (June 2015) - Geoff Leonard Mixes

Dig A Little E7 LIVE (June 2015) – Geoff…

Cloud One - Dust To Dust

As we approach our July Dig at the Forest Tavern this Saturday, we continue our look back at the DJ sets from the last session. Next up on the turntables is Back2Backfm’s DJ Geoff Leonardwho blessed us with just over an hour’s work of exquisite soul, mellow funk, jazz and boogie. Perfect music for a lazy Saturday afternoon, there’s tunes from Cloud One, Art Farmer, Donato, Lorez Alexandria and Vladimir Cosma to name but a few and it all comes to a close with a Kool & The Gang classic! Thanks for listening.

1. Cloud One – Dust To Dust
2. Piero Picconi – Easy Summer
3. Art Farmer – Soulsides
4. Julie London – Like To Get To Know You
5. Roger Webb – Sunny Song
6. Roger Webb – Grey Sigh
7. Syd Dale – Little Boy Blue
8. The Giant Jellybean Copout – Look At The Girls
9. Ennio Morricone/Astrud Gilberto – Argomenti
10. Berto Pisano – Il Colore Degli Angeli
11. Briamonte Orchestra – Rota Sul
12. Donato – Malandro
13. Claudette Soares – So Faltava Voce
14. Bossa Rio – Spinning Wheel
15. Lorez Alexandria – Little Boat
16. Uwe Buschkotter – Sunny
17. John Gregory Orchestra – Jaguar
18. Vladimir Cosma – Attentat Sur La Grande Corniche
19. Sil Austin – Disco Music
20. Natural Order – Jealousy
21. Creative Source – Sincerely
22. Maxine Nightingale – Life Has Just Begun
23. Kool & The Gang – Duji


Dig A Little E7 LIVE (June 2015) – Geoff Leonard by Dig A Little on Mixcloud


Diggin’ Deep | Pete Buckenham (OTR Records)

Pete Buckenham (On The Corner)

This Sunday we’re heading back to Camden Town for another North London all-dayer of crate digging and live Jazz, and this month we’ve got the global nomad himself, Pete Buckenham (On The Corner Records) joining us to spin some tunes in the evening.

We’ve known Pete for quite some time here at Dig A Little having had him guest twice at our Forest Gate event and he has never disappointed us with his sometimes abstract selections. As label head of the independent UK imprint On The Corner Records he’s helped deliver to market the esoteric sounds of Collocutor’s debut album ‘Instead’, which resulted in the band being recently booked to guest at Gilles Peterson and Patrick Forge’s revived ‘Sunday Afternoon at Dingwalls’, while he’s spent much of the resulting time scouring the globe for other acts that fit his wide-ranging ethos of quality music.

With a taste for the exotic spurred on from frequent trips to the African continent, including prolonged time in Zanzibar where he dropped many a tune in tropical venues across the island, his suitably eclectic selections have become more and more widespread throughout London Town with his talents much in demand. Elsewhere he’s put in time on the radio, hosting his own shows under the Asphalt Safari moniker as well as helping out on production for a number of online and FM stations, while he currently holds the role of resident selector and music editor for Parisian culture magazine, Eclectic Society. Having already hosted a number of Thursday night gatherings at the The Forge this year, where he showcased some of London’s exciting young Jazz bands under the name‘Step Out’, he’s also handily already acclimatized to the vibe the venue expects!

With that all being said we’re looking forward to welcoming him back to the bar’s DJ booth this Sunday evening as he prepares to pull out the tracks that will help our guests ‘fling foot’ in the between the two band sets and way into the night as the live music ends. This month, there’ll be a distinctive Latin feel to proceedings as the venue launch their summer Forge Cantina menu with street food and cocktails aplenty, while percussionist Maurizio Ravalico joins Jessica Lauren (keys), Claude Deppa (trumpet), Miles Danso (bass) and Gaetano Di Giacomo (drums) on stage to blast out the tunes during the live session!

Until then, let us delve a little Pete’s history to uncover some of his most memorable shopping trips!


#1: David Bowie “Memory of A Free Festival”

My first proper dig was accidental. I’d gone to Blackpool for a day out and while seeking a little refuge from the northern sun, parade revellers and saccharine tat, I found my way to a record fayre in the old ballroom. If I remember right it was probably 18 years ago and unbeknownst to me plenty of precedents were to be set that day, mostly in regards to travelling somewhere (usually in good weather) and spending hours and days riffling through old records.

That day I remember begrudgingly parting with a fair few quid for a couple of copies of a David Bowie album that I’d not seen before. I think he was the first artist that I really explored the back catalogue. There were two versions, one of which isn’t actually on Discogs as far I can tell. The first was the US edition gatefold of David Bowie “Man Of Words/Man Of Music” on Discogs which I’ve seen is now worth a handsome sum, while I also had a clear double acetate edition with “Memory of A Free Festival” taking up Side C and nothing on the reverse.

As well as those albums and a few other unexceptional bits that day, I also found a promo 7″ of The Beatles’ “A Day in the Life” as it was a favourite of mine at the time. Fast forward five years and I knew both scores might be worth a few quid, so when trying to scrape a month’s rent at University I took them to a second hand place where I got the usual… “Argh we get a lot of Beatles and Bowie in here…” but one of the staff was a collector! I was expecting maybe enough for a night out and was quickly ushered to a backroom where a phone call was made and I was offered enough to cover what I needed at the time so didn’t think twice. This has sadly never happened since and I’ve sold very few records!

It turns out the two track promo 7″ of “A Day in the Life” was not commonly known either. Pure chance as I didn’t know a thing really. When I was selling the records, the guy in the store could of given me a quarter of the cash and I’d have been more than happy and none the wiser – I think the first Record Collector I got was a bit later probably the 2003/4 edition!

And here’s that Bowie track – one day I’ll finish a gig with an edit of this emotively nostalgic bliss. Altogether now “The sun machine is coming down and we’re gonna have a party…”

#2: Orchest Muyei Power “High Life At The Beach Club”
#3: Abu Baka “Introducing”

Most of my travels in Africa should of thrown up one or two vinyl grails but unfortunately those stories are more about MP3s or tapes finds and experiencing the night life and scenes of some pretty special places and all that. I’m a creature of habit so have had a regular round of stores over the last ten years although when travelling I tend to look at accommodation options near to a shop that will be worthy of a day or two.

I regularly go to the Sahara where I’ve picked up one or two battered sevens and on my most recent trip I changed my route to incorporate a little dig in Las Palmas. The dig on the way out there was so nice at 33 Revoluciones that I planned a couple of days to get to grips with the basement below the store. In the end I bought a fair few Spanish editions of some of my favourite deep jazz records, various albums of Afro-Cuban percussion and a grubby 45 from Muyei Power, who also recorded under the name Orchestr Muyei. During the mid 70’s the band had a residency on Gran Canaria and recorded this one record whilst they were there. The band are from Sierra Leone and some of their material has recently been reissued on the excellent Soundway Records label. The stash was so big that I ended up posting a fair few bits and pieces back, some of which may very wekk make it into my box at the next Dig! I think you know that you’ve become a digger when the record store owner takes you out for Pizza. Pablo, the owner, knows his stuff and took me through the ins and outs of the island and Uruguyan music too. I’ll be going back there for sure.

Also found this, backed with Michael Smith’s “Mi Cyaan Believe It” on the recent dig – the first release on LKJ Records from 1980 – pretty much the only Euro spent after a day in the basement. Fingers are itching to get back there with my portable.

#4: Ilhan Mimaroglu, Freddie Hubbard “Threnody For Sharon Tate”

Heard this 15 years ago on a compilation of psychedelic Atlantic recordings, and it was another gem I found again recently in the Las Palmas basement. The original is still as chilling and out-there as ever. Can’t wait to play it out!


Dig A Litte E7 LIVE (June 2015) - Rob Coley Mixes

Dig A Litte E7 LIVE (June 2015) – Rob…

Pharoahs - In The Basement

Is it nearly July already? Then we better get cracking with the mixes from June’s Dig A Little in Forest Gate! First up on the turntables this month was resident Rob Coley who set the mood with a strictly vinyl selection (just check those crackles at the end – Rob clean your records!! of deep jazz nuggets, mellow soul moments and something fresh from Polish beat maker Galus. It was a laid back blend that eased the previous night’s hangovers and prepped the floor for Geoff Leonard’s sweet set (forthcoming). Dip into it and don’t forget our Camden Dig this Sunday, where you’ll find Rob and friends taking over the back room of The Forge from 2pm for another pop up record fair, and late into the evening, a live Jazz session from a quintet led by Ms Jessica Lauren and original Jazz warrior Claude Deppa! Thanks for listening.

1. The Pharoahs – African Roots
2. Haki R. Madhubuti – Walk The Way Of The New World
3. Herb Geller – Space A La Mode
4. N’Dambi – Call Me (Yam Who? Remix)
5. Mos Def – May-December
6. Galus – Forthose
7. Patrice Rushen – Didn’t You Know
8. D’Angelo – Africa


Dig A Litte E7 LIVE (June 2015) – Rob Coley by Dig A Little on Mixcloud

Dig A Little NW1 LIVE (May 2015) - Miguel Colmenares (Colectivo Futuro) Mixes

Dig A Little NW1 LIVE (May 2015) – Miguel…

Airto - Free

Ahead of our next Camden Dig and Live Jazz session at the Forge Arts and Music venue in Camden next Sunday, we present our final live recording from our May date. Miguel Colmenares from colectivofuturo dropped in early doors to sell a few records and play a little set for us, and come 5pm he certainly didn’t disappoint dropping an superlative set of vinyl only treats before the band took the stage for the evening. Kicking things off with the delightful ‘Flora’s Song’ from Brazilian legend Airto, Miguel weaved together 70 minutes of 70s fusion and more contemporary gear, setting the scene perfectly for what was to come. We hope you enjoy the music and check us out this Sunday if you find yourself local to NW1!

1. Airto – Flora’s Song
2. Byard Lancaster – Blue Train
3. Adrian Younge – 1969 Organ
4. Roy Ayers – I Am Your Mind
5. Lee Ritenour & Gentle Thoughts – Gentle Thoughts
6. Joao Donato – Capricorn
7. Doug Carn – Western Sunrise
8. Patrice Rushen – Haw Right Now
9. Timeless Legend – Don’t Do This To Me (Baby)
10. Master Plan Inc – Try It, You’ll Like It
11. Fugi – Mary Don’t Take Me On No Bad Trip
12. The Trumans – Ripe For The Pickin’
13. Ripple – A Funky Song


Dig A Little NW1 LIVE (May 2015) – Miguel Colmenares (Colectivo Futuro) by Dig A Little on Mixcloud

Dig A Little NW1 LIVE (May 2015) - Jay Maxted Mixes

Dig A Little NW1 LIVE (May 2015) – Jay…

Alex - Handle With Care

Our second mix from last month’s Camden Dig comes from Different People DJ Jay Maxted who dropped in to the Forge Music & Arts venue to bless us with a little afternoon soul and funk set while we all dug for tunes. Kicking things off with a seldom seen slice of Eastern European disco funk from Alex, Jay took us on a trip through his record box, blending new school edits of classic tunes with deeper nuggets worth rediscovering. Thanks for listening and feel free to catch the Northern Line on Sunday 28th June when we do it all over again!

1. Alex – I Gotta Feel Something
2. Bodacious DF – Good Folks
3. The Dramatics – Treat Me Like A Man
4. Eddie Kendricks – If You Let Me
5. The Undisputed Truth – I Saw You When You Met Her
6. Marlena Shaw – Woman Of The Ghetto (Akshin Alizedah Remix)
7. Beatsy Collins – Holla (Marvin Gaye Edit)
8. Shoes – Grandma No Hands
9. Sly & Family Stone – I Cannot Make It
10. Dawn & Sunset – Move In The Room
11. Sir Mark Rice – Three People In Love
12. Hodges, James, Smith & Crawford – Nobody
13. Odetta – Hit Or Miss
14. The Meters – Handclapping Song
15. Lyndsey De Paul – Rainbow
16. Bobby Hughes Combination – Brass Interuption

Dig A Little NW1 LIVE (May 2015) – Jay Maxted by Dig A Little on Mixcloud

Dig A Little NW1 LIVE (May 2015) - Terry Benjamin Mixes

Dig A Little NW1 LIVE (May 2015) – Terry…

Inoj - Love You Down

In May we took our pop up concept on the road to the musical mecca of Camden Town. Setting up shop at The Forge Music and Arts venue on Delancey Street, NW1 on Sunday May 31st, we brought a host of crates of pre-owned wax for customer to dig through, while the DJs took control of the venue’s turntables. First up was was our friend Terry Benjamin, who has consistently been the life and soul of our E7 party, and followed us to NW1. He didn’t disappoint on the selections front either, pulling out an eclectic mix of R&B, avant-garde Jazz, deep reggae riddims and Latin! Listen to his set above and look out for more sets from the session shortly. Our next Camden Dig is on Sunday 28th June.

1. Inoj – Love You Down (Joni’s Mix)
2. Charlie Hunter Quartet – Band Down Low
3. Ivan Conti – Menca
4. Bill Summers And Summers Heat – Latin Space Mambo
5. Ripple – Ripplin’
6. The Pharoahs – Damballa
7. Wailing Souls – Very Well
8. Fred Locks – Love & Only Love
9. Don Carlos – Late Night Blues
10. Burning Spear – Marcus Say Jah No Dead
11. U-Roy – Chalice In The Palace
12. King Tubby & Friends – Waiting In The Park
13. Charlie Hunter – Enter The Dragon

Dig A Little NW1 LIVE (May 2015) – Terry Benjamin by Dig A Little on Mixcloud

Dig A Little E7 LIVE (May 2015) - Sid Ford Mixes

Dig A Little E7 LIVE (May 2015) – Sid…

Mukai Meets Gilberto

Ahead of tomorrow’s June event in Forest Gate, we finally get around to completing the quartet of mixes captured at our May Dig. For this last selection, it’s Sid Ford behind the tables bringing forth a cool hour’s worth of deep jazz funk and associated flavours. Press play and get immersed in the good stuff, then set your Sat Nav for the Forest Tavern in E7 to come witness this month’s offering in the flesh! Thanks for listening.

1. Astrud Gilberto & Shigeharu Mukai – Berimbau
2. Sail Joia – Go For The Others
3. Cannonball Adderley Quintet – Phases
4. Placebo – Stomp
5. Brian Auger’s Oblivion Express – Compared To What
6. Placebo – Inner City Blues
7. Emanative – Om Supreme
8. Placebo – Phalene
9. Qunitonal – Ballade Pour Lianne I

Dig A Little E7 LIVE (May 2015) – Sid Ford by Dig A Little on Mixcloud